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2020 Trends That Will Impact Social Media Advertising In A Big Way

#1 Get Onboard With Ephemeral Content

What's ephemeral content? It is simply content that is only available only for a short duration before it disappears. Take Instagram Stories, and Snapchat, as the perfect example. Ephemeral content is a highly effective way of boosting brand loyalty and making followers feel as though they are being engaged with on a more intimate level.

This matters, because studies show that 86% of digital users crave authenticity above all else.

As a result, this type of content is recognised as one of the most successful methods of attracting viewers and audiences.

Short, engaging, and ‘humanised’, these short-lived mini-marketing campaigns are the way of the future, so you would be well-advised to get on board with it.

#2 The Continued Rise of the Micro-Influencer

As opposed to macro-influencers like Kylie Jenner, whose followers equate to roughly 25 million and who charges roughly $1 million for posting branded content, micro-influencers are those with smaller but dedicated followings on social media.

They may have been 10,000 and 60,000 followers on Instagram or Facebook, and they have the capacity to drive targeted content for businesses while appears “human” and connecting directly to their relatively-small-in-comparison-to-macro-influencers following.

Perhaps their most valuable asset is that they have carefully cultivated niche audiences, across either health and wellness, fashion, beauty, travel or sport, and this enables brands to target very specific content (for a fraction of the price of that of macro-influencers) to audiences via a micro-influencer.

#3 Embracing LinkedIn’s New Capabilities

LinkedIn has finally realised they are THE only contenders when it comes to employment-seeking and career development, and so they are constantly innovating to ensure that no one else stands a chance.

With new features including hashtag relevance, tools for marketers to better use the platform, and employee advocacy tools on company pages, LinkedIn is making it easier than ever for companies and businesses to market and advertise themselves, their products and their company ethos on the platform – making it a brilliant place to target social media advertising in 2020.

While a LinkedIn advertising campaign still costs upwards of $10 in the minimal daily budget, it is rapidly gaining ground as a key element of the digital advertising mix, mostly due to the strength of its high-value audience and its unrivalled targeting options for each marketing goal.

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