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Founded in 2015, Thomas Media Digital is a premier Digital Marketing Agency based in Trinidad & Tobago. With a dedicated focus on crafting bespoke online strategies, we specialize in transforming local businesses into digital powerhouses.
Our journey began with a simple mission: to help Caribbean companies navigate the complex digital landscape and secure tangible growth. Today, we stand proud as the digital custodians of over 20 medium to large-scale businesses, each witnessing remarkable online presence and business expansion.
At Thomas Media, your vision meets innovation.
Our view is that no one strand of a digital and social media campaign should operate in isolation and that a broad, holistic strategy leads to far greater impact. By considering the audience first, along with the channels and the content which engages them, we infuse every experience with meaning and relevance. Why? This delivers results.

Brands that source services from Thomas Media Digital will find that we are an agency with a difference. Thriving from our roots in performance and creative marketing, we pride ourselves on delivering an incredible growth experience and, of course, great results.


Johanan Thomas

Digital Media Manager

Shivani Mootoo

Project Manager | Client Relations

Alex Thomas Photography & Videography

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