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5 Unique Ways You Can Use Facebook Ads to Increase Sales

By now, you probably know that Facebook Ads hold a huge potential for your business.
They can drive cold traffic to your products and turn visitors into warm customers who buy from you again and again. But it can be difficult to get it right.
A lot of businesses quickly put together a simple ad and think it will make them millions. In reality, it takes a lot more than that if you want to really increase your sales.

1. Use Multi-Product Ads
The introduction of the Facebook carousel ad has done wonders for many businesses.
With this new template of ad, you can show numerous products in a single ad, giving your customers choice and the chance to find something that suits their particular needs.
How does this translate into more sales?
Well, the carousel option gives you the chance to show relevant products, increasing the probability of someone buying, and you can even use the template to show the numerous benefits of a single product (remember that people buy benefits ).

In a study by Adobe , they found that companies running Carousel ads experienced a 50-300% increase in click-through rates, a 35% reduction in cost per click (because of heightened engagement), and a more efficient cost per acquisition.

2. Use Facebook’s Shops to With Facebook Shops , you can display and sell items on Facebook and Instagram. Anyone who visits your shop will see your items and can browse them. You can customise your shop by adding featured collections. If you use a website to sell your items, you can send people to your website from your Facebook or Instagram shop to complete their purchase.

5 Unique Ways You Can Use Facebook Ads to Increase Sales
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